Sunday, 27 September 2015

Need a bigger onion bed.

Planted the last of the onions yesterday. Normally I grow brown onions and a handful of white ones but this year I've planted red onions as well. Most of them have been planted in the main onion bed but I ran out of room so have planted the remaining onion seedlings into the first half of the carrots bed. This photo shows the main onion bed which is about 9 metres x 1 metre and can hold up to 900 onions although this year I haven't counted them so not sure how many planted this time.

All the onions were started from seeds and I wasn't expecting all of them to sprout as well as they did this year. Not that its a problem because we use a lot of onions so more the merrier!
These next 2 photos show the remaining onions in the first half of what is normally the carrot bed.

The beds have been prepared well in advance of planting with animal manures plus Blood & Bone, this gives the beds time to recover after each harvest. During winter we also collect leaves which are mulched up and added to the soil. Leaves make good worm food.

This year I used 5 packets of onion seeds, 3 packets Brown onions (Hunter River Brown), 1 packet White onions(Gladalan White) and 1 packet of Red onions(Californian Red) .
 I plant my onions late in the season for a number of reasons, with the main reason being so I can leave the beds empty for as long as possible between harvest to give the soil plenty of time to recover. The beds appear to be barren through the winter months but we actually cover (mulch) the entire bed with a deep layer of animal manure which breaks down over the months and is perfect come planting time. Having such massive amounts of vegetables produced & harvested through the growing season requires adequate replacement of nutrients during the resting phase of the garden cycle.

The remaining garden beds will be filled up with other vegetable seedlings in the coming weeks. We are still having frosts most mornings so the frost tender plants like tomatoes, beans, corn etc will have to wait until the temps heat up a bit more. I will be starting the seeds for the corn etc in the next couple of weeks and they will remain out on the veranda and then planted out about mid November. Its just all part of living in a cold climate.

 I am planning on planting out my carrot seeds some time today. I've got 4 packets of them and thankfully we have made the carrot bed slightly bigger this year. They will go into the 2nd and 3rd part of the carrot bed. We had to replace the poles and netting as it was badly damaged from the last seasons snow storm.

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